The AEGD Program

The AEGD Program, sponsored by St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). This is a two-year program for Dental residents to expand and develop techniques learned in their undergraduate programs. The residency allows for Doctors to gain experience with the full range of  dental procedures with a concentration on complex cases, all within a private practice setting, offering a unique prospective into how their future practice may function. Moreover, the Residents will rotate within St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Operation Rooms, and will become accustomed to many surgical procedures involving different patient demographics.  Upon completion of the AEGD program, you will be prepared to meet the demands and complexities of 
modern dentistry.

The AEGD program is also a popular pathway for foreign trained doctors to qualify for certification and licensure in the United States.

The AEGD program will accept 4-6 residents each year. Again, it is important to note that, unlike GPR, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center accepts both U.S. Grads and foreign trained Dentists for this program.

Program Goals

The program emphasizes the skills needed to properly diagnose, treatment plan, and treat patients of many different backgrounds. Patients include those with complex medical histories, special needs, as well as a wide range of dental needs.

Residents will train in all aspects of modern dental procedures, using state of the art equipment and techniques including CEREC technology, clinical microscope, and 3D imaging, and will complete the requirements for Certification in IV Sedation.  The program is multi-disciplinary, and Residents will have the opportunity to work side by side with faculty specialists in all disciplines of practice. Our focus is on excellence in dental care and service. The educational experience will also include rotating through the Operating Room, and Internal Medicine departments at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, the program Sponsor.

The didactic portion of the program will be at a more advanced level than the pre-doctoral curriculum. Subjects covered will include implant dentistry, radiology, oral surgery, pathology, temporo-mandibular disorders, I.V. Sedation in Ohio, and CAD CAM Technologies. Practice management, and business tools that the resident will need to begin their careers are explored in great detail.

The program is two years mandatory, which will differ in both curriculum and requirements. Whereas the first year emphasizes the introduction of the student to comprehensive care, treatment planning, and quality care in a closely supervised setting, the second year will allow the opportunity to explore more advanced procedures and complex cases, again, under close supervision. A certificate of completion will be granted following the successful completion of the 2nd year.

Examples of treatment performed in The AEGD program include implant placement and restoration, advanced crown and bridge and aesthetic restorations, removable full and partial dentures, endodontic treatment, periodontal treatment, simple and complex oral surgery, pedodontic care, management of orthodontic cases, and radiology. Students will leave the program ready to begin their careers, and achieve success as practicing dentists.

Residents, upon program completion, will:

  1. Effectively and safely manage the emergency, episodic, apprehensive, and comprehensive needs of patients.

  2. Satisfy the Ohio State Board Requirements for the Certification in IV Sedation.

  3. Confidently and competently coordinate and provide care for patient with special needs including those who are indigent, medically challenged, developmentally disabled, or otherwise would not have access to regular dental care.

  4. Apply Principles of Professionalism and Ethics in all matters of daily practice;

  5. Value the importance of Continuing Dental Education and professional growth in their trajectory as a professional.

  6. Demonstrate effective leadership and management of Dental Team personnel with an emphasis on Team collaboration, development, and constructive Team assessment.


Foreign trained:

  • Successful completion of NDEB Parts 1 & 2

  • Successful TOEFL Exam IBT Exam with a minimum 81% passing grade

  • ECE course by course evaluation (transcript review)

  • Must be a US citizen or carry a Green Card or Work Permit

  • Applicant must be eligible to obtain a Limited Resident License per State Statute

  • CV Review and successful personal interview.

  • 3 professional references

  • Successful personal interview


  • NDEB Part 1

  • Transcript and CV review

  • 3 professional references

  • Successful personal interview

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center will accept Advanced Standing candidates who obtain dental degrees from CODA or CDAC-accredited dental programs.