Root Canal

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A root canal is a long-term treatment in which your doctor will repair and save a tooth. Millions of teeth are saved each year using this treatment, so do not feel alone if your dentist advises this treatment to be applied.

A root canal is necessary when the pulp of your teeth, the soft tissue inside your teeth containing blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, becomes either inflamed or diseased. A root canal is a common treatment used in order to prevent the tooth from being removed completely.

The most common reasons for having this procedure done are if the patient has any of the following pulp infections: 1) deep cavity, 2) a cracked tooth (even if it not visible to the naked eye), and 3) repeated treatment.

For a root canal, your doctor will take x-rays in order to find the exact location of the decay on a specific tooth. This is followed by local anesthesia on the tooth being treated. After, your doctor will perform a ‘pulpectomy’, in which the doctor will make an opening in your tooth’s ‘root canal’, and remove the pulp. Your doctor will then fill the roots that have been opened.

This procedure causes most patients no side effects during healing. It is still important to take care of the tooth which was operated on, just like all other teeth are treated. Having regular checkups at our offices will always ensure that filling is still in good shape, and is retaining its purpose.

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